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Are you worried that you're not creating like you want to? Not productive as you want to be? Feeling a little lost? You're not alone. is a creativity coaching service based on decades of research about mental wellness and creativity. Take our wellness assessment to start.

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Monthly assessment screen

A monthly assessment

Our carefully-designed assessment reveals important insights about your current mental and emotional state.
Daily coaching messages

Daily Coaching Messages

With your free membership, you receive daily messages and suggestions designed for you and where you are in your journey.
Weekly inspirational email

Weekly inspirational email

Inspiration and encouragement straight to your inbox for free, every Sunday.

How can I get live coaching?

Become a Plus Member to join live weekly Q+A coaching sessions. We work through creative challenges live each week with professionals like you. When you become a Plus Member you'll also get access to:
Weekly Live Q+A Coaching Sessions
Lessons from Other Creatives
Write Your Own Affirmations
Creativity and Wellness Worksheets
All Recorded Coaching Sessions
And More